Orkiestra Samanta - folk - rock band from Wrocław. Vibrant, expressive and diverse music combined with colorful stories about the sea and maritime exploration make the band's shows and artistic work unique. The band's original songs are inspired by folk music with a particular influence from folk, maritime, Irish and shanties, mixed with contemporary rock music based on distinctive electric guitars and strong rhythm section. The original lyrics tell tales of great discoveries, historic characters, and the beauty of sailing. Orkiestra Samanta has been a recognized brand on the folk and shanty scene for many years, gaining more and more popularity among a constantly growing number of devoted fans both in Poland and abroad. In 2024 Orkiestra Samanta celebrates its 25th anniversary. For the last 25 years the band has given over 1,000 shows, being a regular guest of the most prominent folk and maritime festivals both in Poland and in many European countries.

So far the band has released 6 albums: "Kurs do domu" (2002), "Odyssee/Odyseja" (2005), "Pod wiatr" (2005), "Sztorm" (2009), "Winlandia" (2014), "Arktyka" (2019)