Orkiestra Samanta is a folk rock band from Wroclaw, Poland. Their one-of-a-kind musical creation is a spectacular wealth of sparkling music, laying a glamorous canvas for epic sea stories. Their original lyrics and melodies are greatly inspired by Irish folk, shanties, and their own travels to the sea, but also deeply rooted in modern rock, resulting in a unique crossover. For more than 20 years Orkiestra Samanta is making its name on the young shanty and folk scene, consistently increasing its popularity among the ever bigger fan base, in Poland, as well as abroad. The band portfolio includes over 800 concerts throughout Poland and several dozen across Europe.

So far the band has released 6 albums: "Kurs do domu" (2002), "Odyssee/Odyseja" (2005), "Pod wiatr" (2005), "Sztorm" (2009), "Winlandia" (2014), "Arktyka" (2019)