ORKIESTRA SAMANTA began its creative journey in 1999 in Wrocław, Poland. The band's name originates from the celebrated tavern Port Samanta, where the band was formed in its original lineup. During the years 1999-2000 the group appeared on the biggest folk and sea music festivals in Poland, most of the time with great success. In 2001, encouraged by the jury members, the band steps onto the professional scene and starts performing regularly in Poland and abroad (Germany, France, Netherlands).

The Odyssey Project - When travelling with a series of shows in France Orkiestra meets a keen French group – Les Dièses. What then follows is their joint French-Polish album “Odyseja” (2005) and a promotional tour of extraordinary shows performed together in France (2006), and in Poland (2007).

Since 2007 the group is a member of the International Shanty and Seasong Association (ISSA).

Beginning in 2011 it becomes the official artistic endorser of the Polish sailing ship "Kapitan Borchardt"

The band was featured in multiple radio and TV shows, such as France Blue, The Polish Radio, TVP1, TVP2, TVP3, TVN, TV4, Telewizja Wrocław, and in national press, including Gazeta Wyborcza, Żagle, Colour Vienne.

The band has released 6 albums:

2002 - "Kurs do domu"

2005 - "Odyssee/Odyseja" - Orkiestra Samanta and Les Dieses (France)

2005 - "Pod wiatr"

2009 - "Sztorm"

2014 - "Winlandia"

2019 - "Arktyka"

Samanta’s songs were also included on several compilation albums:
-"Festiwal Szanty Gniazdo Piratów"(2004).
-"Zobaczyć morze"(2006),
-"Szanty z sercem" (2006),
-"International Shantyfesival - Bie Daip"(2012) (Netherlands)
-"30-lat Shanties"(2012),
-"30 Festival Chants de Marins" - Paimpol(2019) (France)

Important dates:

– Orkiestra Samanta is formed
– Release of the album "Kurs do domu"
– The French tour
– Release of the album "Odyssee/Odyseja", a joint project with the French group Les Dieses
– Release of the album "Pod wiatr"
– A joint tour of the Odyssey Project in France, promoting the album "Odyssee/Odyseja"
– A joint tour of the Odyssey Project in Poland, promoting the album "Odyssee/Odyseja"
- The band joins the "International Shanty and Seasong Association" (ISSA)
– Release of the album "Sztorm"
– The band celebrates its 10th anniversary
– The band becomes the official artistic endorser of the Polish sail ship “Kapitan Borchardt”
– A new French-Polish concert tour in Poland Odyssey Project (Orkiestra Samanta and Les Dieses) - "Expedition 2012"
– Release of the album "Winlandia"
– Release of the album "Arktyka"
– The band celebrates its 20th anniversary
– Grand Prix - Festival "Port Piesni Pracy", Tychy (Poland)

Awards (highlights):

- II - prize at the V Open Encounters with Shanty Music "Szuwary 2000" in Węgorzewo.
- I - prize at the VII National Encounters with the Tourist and Sailing Song "Żagań 2000".
- I - prize at the Sailing Song Festival "Sława 2000".
- Journalists’ Choice – for the Best Shanty Band at the "Sława 2000" Festival.
- I - prize at the V Encounters with Sailing Song "Szanty nad Drawą", Złocieniec 2000.
- Mayor’s Award of the town Mayor of Chojnice at the Charzykowy Festival 2000.
- I - prize at the Sea and Sailing Song Festival "Morze i Wiatr" in Mrzeżyno 2000.
- I - prize at the II (XVI) International Sea Song Festival "WIATRAK 2000" in Świnoujście.
- Grand Prix – at the XXth Sailor’s Songs Encounters in Radom "RAFA 2000".
- People’s Choice Award at the Sailing Song Festival "BEZAN" 2000" in Tarnów.

Orkiestra Samanta crew - results of sailing cup

3rd in the Wrocław District Senior’s Cup Regatta. 20-21.06.2015 on the Mietków Lake.

2rd in the Wrocław District Senior’s Cup Regatta. 19.05.2012 on the Mietków Lake.

3rd in 2rd Shantymen’s Regatta in Sztynort. 19.08.2011 on the Dargin Lake (Mazury).

Special Award for the Odyssey Project at Shanties 2012

During the final performance of the "Shanties 2012" Festival in Kraków on Feb 26, 2012 the Odyssey Project was given the special award of the sailing club commander MKM Szkwał, Jakub Sepielak, for the unique personality on the Polish shanty scene.

We’d like to express our thanks, we are deeply honored.