Orkiestra Samanta (Poland) i Les Dieses (France)

The project of joint performances both - Les Dieses and Orchestra Samantha - was born in 2004 during Samantha Orchestra tour in France. Specially designed scenery, songs written and arranged for 11 musicians on the stage created a memorable, energetic Polish-French performance. The show gained enormous popularity in France and in Poland. Combined forces of the Les Dieses and the Orchestra Samantha guarantee a tremendous emotions and unforgettable artistic experience.


Orkiestra Samanta is a folk-rock band from Wroclaw, which draws an inspiration from Irish folk and their own marine experience. Lively and expressive music, combined with colourful tales about the sea is the uniqueness of band’s artistic creation, which for many years has been reflected in the steadily growing number of fans in Poland and abroad.


The band comes from Parthenay in France. Their music, as they say, is a bit of folk and rock with a touch of Celtic sounds and poetic lyrics. In their repertoire there are both: energetic, thrilling songs and nostalgic ballads. The band performs in Europe as well as overseas. They recorded seven LP albums, where the last one is entitled ‘Pecheurs de vent’.

History of the first expedition The Project Odyssey in 2005-2009

Both bands have an experience in performing in front of many thousands of people on famous festivals and smaller, more intimate concerts in Poland and in France. This joint show could be seen at the biggest events, such as ‘The Tall Ship Races’ 2007 (20,000 of audience) in Szczecin, ‘Shanties’ in Krakow, Folk Festival in Tychy , ‘Shanties Wroclaw ‘, ‘Sea Days’ in Szczecin and others.

History of the first expedition – success
- Dozen concerts in Poland and France
- Huge media interest - including Gazeta Wyborcza, Polish television and Radio, France Blue, TV Wroclaw
- The Odyssey show 2007-2008 has been seen by more than 100 000 people

History project
2004- Tournee in France
2005- Recording LP "Odyssee/Odyseja"
Concerts promoting LP "Odyseja-Odyssee" in Poland
2006- Tournee in France
2007- Tournee in Poland
2008-2011- Concerts in France and in Poland
2012- Spectacle "Expedition 2012"


PROJEKT "ODYSEJA/ODYSSEE" - Orkiestra Samanta (Polska) - Les Dieses (Francja)
Jubileusz 10-lecia Orkiestry Samanta - Festiwal "Shanties 2009"
2009.06.12-14 - Szczecin - "Dni Morza" - Orkiestra Samanta - Les Dieses - koncert "Odyseja"
2007.08.04 - Szczecin - Zlot żaglowców - The Tall Ships The Races - koncert "Odyseja"
2006.06.9-17 -TOURNEE WE FRANCJI - Les Dieses i Orkiestra Samanta - koncert "Odyseja"
2007.03.02 - Wrocław - XVIII Festiwal "Szanty we Wrocławiu" - koncert "Odyseja"
2005.03.04 - Wrocław - XVI Festiwal "Szanty we Wrocławiu" Orkiestra Samanta i Les Dieses - premiera płyty „Odyseja”
2004.05.10-17 - TOURNEE WE FRANCJI - Les Dieses i Orkiestra Samanta

Orkiestra Samanta & Les Dieses - "Ocean"

Pawel "Alex" Aleksanderek
kom. (+48) 605 951 456
e-mail: orkiestra.samanta@wp.pl
Facebook "Projekt Odyssee/Odyseja"
Album LP "Odyssee/Odyseja"